Medical Resources

Medical Care for sexual health, PrEP, & Prevention:

Northeast GA health department Patrick Reilly, MPH 706-510-8342

PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is the use of a once-daily pill that is highly effective in reducing your chance of getting HIV when taken as prescribed.
If you would like to be connected to PrEP services submit a PrEP Referral Requestor call or text 706-510-8342 for more information.

Learn more about PrEP:

Transgender Healthcare: 

World Professional Association of Transgender Health- Standards of Care, version 7 (WPATH‘s) Standards of Care

Endocrine Society-Clinical practice guidelines- summary here- Endocrine Treatment of Gender Dysphoric Persons and full reference here.

American Academy of Pediatricians- Ensuring Comprehensive Care of Transgender and Gender Diverse Children and Adolescents (2018)

Georgia Trans Resource Guide from Georgia Equality

Center for Excellence for Transgender Health- Primary Guidelines

Hormone therapy for transgender patients (2016)

Physiological response to Gender affirming hormones (2018)

Informed consent for Testosterone hormone therapy

Masculinizing Hormones and Feminizing Hormones and Puberty Blockers from the Seattle Children’s Hospital- Gender Clinic

Introduction of Female to Male Hormones and Introduction to Male to Female Hormones  (Youtube)

Dr. Maddie Deutsch, MD, Director of Clinical Services and Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California – San Francisco’s Center of Excellence for Transgender Health discusses hormone therapy

Gender Odyssey videos on Facebook

Health Initiative: Georgia’s Voice for LGBT Health – The Health Initiative is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of Georgia’s LGBTQ community through education, support, access to care and advocacy. We work directly with LGBTQ Georgians and LGBTQ-friendly providers.

Gender Affirming Hormone Treatment: 

Queer Med– Izzy Lowell, MD, MBA and and Leonidas Panagiotakopoulos, MD (Dr. Leo)

Dr. Michelle Woodard- 2410 Hog Mountain Rd. Suite 303, Watkinsville, GA 30677 phone: 706-705-6070

Dr. Mark Earhart  Oconee Family Practice (will continue hormone treatment after stabilization)

Plume  membership service for gender affirming hormone treatment

Dr. Estep Greenleaf Primary Care in Athens, GA


Here are some good binder suppliers:  – good tanks here

 TransTape – Transtape

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