What do all of the letters stand for in LGBTQIA+? You can find a list of vocabulary and terms.

National Surveys of LGBTQ youth

The Human Rights Campaign 2018 LGBTQ Youth ReportGLSEN 2017 National School Climate Survey, and the GA State Snapshot of School Climate 

Mental Health Resources

Are you searching for a mental health therapist for yourself, a family member, or a child/teen? Find a list of self-identified therapists who work with members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Educational Resources

Find a list of helpful resources that apply to educational institutions. This information will be relevant for parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors, etc who are interested to learn about policies and procedures affecting LGBTQ students in K-12 schools. In addition, resources for making your school more LGBTQ inclusive are listed.

Medical Resources

We are fortunate to have resources for medical care within the surrounding area which is LGBTQ+ inclusive for all individuals.

Local Partner Organizations

Athens Queer Collective We’re a small but mighty collective of local Athenians (Athens, GA) who are coming together to work toward building a stronger, more cohesive, and inclusive Athens queer community through education, outreach, community support, and advocacy. Until now, there hasn’t been a local Athens organization that addresses intersectionality in the queer community or provides ongoing resources and support. We offer a monthly LGBTQ+ Youth Group , a Queer/Trans Person of Color (QTPOC) Group, and an adult Trans Group.

Rainbow kids A parent support group and simultaneous play group for younger children who are transgender, gender non-conforming or gender-creative

Athens Pride   Athens Pride, Inc. exists to promote community, fellowship, and support around lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer issues in the greater Athens, GA area.

Groups for Youth

See a list of local and online groups for LGBTQIA+ youth

LGBTQ+ Houses of Worship/Churches/Synagogues in the Athens GA area